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The Harder She Comes Tour Continues!

Today's guest writer from this new anthology from Cleis Press is River Light, author of the story Valentine.


For almost 20 years my friend Kestrel has been taking me for a May Day picnic every May 1st. She packs all the food, the champagne and orange juice, dishes and picnic blanket, glass stemware and warm blankets and picks me up. I do not have to do a thing.


Well, not entirely true. Within the first couple of years a tradition was formed that what I brought to the picnic was a piece of writing of mine that she has not yet heard.


We go up to Burnaby Mountain Park, climb to the top of the hill and picnic under the protection of the same old red cedar every year. We watch the sun go down and the lights of the city turn on, rain or shine. And we talk. Sometimes it has been a year since we have seen each other. As the evening comes to a close I read her my story.


For the last 6 or 7 years the only reason I have written anything is because of my deadline with her. With two small children there never seems to be enough hours in a day. Writing for me is 20% inspiration, 20% hard work and 60% deadlines!


Valentine, my story in The Harder She Comes, was a May Day story, written at the end of one April in a mad rush to get the first draft done in time for our yearly date. By the time I read it to her even the wool blankets could not stave off the cold, and we were sitting in the car facing the city lights below us.


And last year, for the first time, she brought something to read to me. This year it was this that I brought – the very first blog post I have written. And Valentine? Valentine is not by any stretch of the imagination a true story. But at it’s core it is about real life, my real life. About the complications of living with someone with whom one is in a D/s relationship, about the complexities of maneuvering poly situations, and about really fucking hot, emotionally complex sex.


But then the entire anthology is really fucking hot! Try it. Take a nibble. Take a bite. Devour it. I dare you.




River Light


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